Active school travel

Walking Bus and Bike Train to Promote Sustainable Mobility

bicycle train.PNG

As the traffic lights change to green, a long line of children on their bikes accompanied by adults wearing reflective safety vests crosses the road. It is the bike train. A form of accompanied school travel that promotes sustainable mobility, daily exercise, and trains children to become independent and capable road users.

…Walking bus accompanies children to school in organised groups following a set route and timetable. Children are enjoying the walk with their peers in the company of adults and at the same time contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and a cleaner environment. Bike train is very similar with the only difference that the whole group travels on bikes.

Walking buses and bike trains are common in the US and Australia. In Europe, they are getting more and more popular in the UK and are quite common in Switzerland as well as in Italy

walking school bus 400



Author: Norm Farrell

Gwen and I raised three adult children in North Vancouver. Each lives in our community with seven grandchildren, 12 years and younger. I have worked in accounting and financial management and publish IN-SIGHTS.CA with news and commentary about public issuesv.

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