I favour inclusivity, tolerance and mutual respect. Our society is diverse and every child should feel safe and welcome in schools. Misinformation has been circulated about SOGI but I believe it is a well-intentioned effort to improve children’s experiences and understanding of the world we live in. Much better than pretending all people must follow the same narrow path. I am more interested in the quality of a young person’s character than his or her choices in matters of love and attraction.

Active school travel

Walking bus accompanies children to school in organised groups following a set route and timetable. Children are enjoying the walk with their peers in the company of adults and at the same time contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and a cleaner environment. Bike train is very similar with the only difference that the whole group travels on bikes.

Distracted learning

Hand held devices are a misplaced asset in classrooms today. Some people, including most students, consider them essential to life. Most teachers believe them to be a major distraction. Learning is affected if children are paying attention to mobile devices instead of teachers. Ophthalmologists worry about digital eyestrain. But, one prominent professor of psychology worries about more serious troubles.